Are you blaming me for giving them what they want? Giving them a brand they can believe in?

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I saw Wicked last night, and holy crap was it fantastic



Girls who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from boys blame themselves

Boys who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from girls blame girls




*never wakes up* 

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Maleficent was amazing. If it’s even possible I love Maleficent more than I did when I was a kid

The best moment in tv history

The location of common rooms

Gryffindor: Tower! The highest fucking tower, fuck yeah! TOWER!
Hufflepuff: But don't you think that's a bit far away from everything, they'll have to climb dozens of stairs every day...
Gryffindor: TOWER!
Hufflepuff: Oh, for the love of...
Slytherin: I'm going for under the lake, LIKE A SUPER-SECRET LAIR!
Hufflepuff: But Salazar, won't that be a bit dreary? And we'll have to add dozens of charms to keep it dry, it will take loads of magic...
Slytherin: Super. Secret. Lair.
Hufflepuff: Fine! Fine, we'll spend bloody hours drying out some rooms under the lake, Merlin. Rowena, what about you?
Ravenclaw: Tower.
Hufflepuff: But...all the stairs, the isolation from the other houses...
Ravenclaw: Exactly. They'll focus better if they're miles away from everything else. Also, anything he can build, I can build better.
Hufflepuff: Seriously? You're going to compete over towers?
Slytherin: Underground is better.
Hufflepuff: For fuck's sake, I give up. If anyone wants me, I'll be in the kitchens.


Supercut of Robert Pattinson talking about how bad “Twilight” is. Compilation of clips from various interviews.

literally the funniest fucking shit i’ve ever seen

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I will not forget
one line of this.
Not one day.
I swear.
I will always remember when
the Doctor was me

Raggedy man... Goodnight

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